02A01: Adobo Progress

Monday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 499

The workweek has started out pretty busy, of course. We had another new employee starting today, so that meant fun onboarding work that I needed to address first. And all the other fun stuff that comes with a Monday - plus the kickoff for our online company summit, which we've stretched across the entire week. 

Between our respective workdays, today didn't leave much time for either me or Tobie to prepare lunch. Thankfully we had some leftover sinigang to lean on since I only know how to cook in family-sized portions, so that saved us some time. But I still managed to prepare some pork adobo for dinner.

The return of adobo into our diet is a story in itself. It has come up a number of times on Baduy Pride that this is a dish that frustrates me since I've never been happy with the adobos I've prepared in the past. So being reminded of that fact on the show pushed me to ask my mom how she prepares adobo, watching her cook it during one of my visits, and even bringing some of her adobo home for Tobie to try. Since then, I've been working with her base methodology and it seems to work - the result is a lot closer to what I've been looking for.

And it's kind of brilliant at how quick a dish it is, depending on how soft you want your pork to be at the end. It was just the right kind of dish for me to prepare quickly after a long workday without stepping on the toes of our live stream schedule. I'm still working on the recipe and making it truly our own, but I've been pretty happy with the results thus far. And Tobie says my batches are turning out okay, so that's a good thing as well. 

Today my only other goal is to go to bed earlier and not stay up too late. We both have early meetings to deal with and it's best not to start my day sleepy. Plus I'm back to 100% home workouts and I kind of want to find a way to incorporate more jogging alongside my workout routines because its great audiobook time, among other benefits.