029FE: New Quarantine Goalposts

Garlic Prison

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 496

The granular level of quarantine level definitions is kind of bonkers. It was bad enough when the administration started playing with plan versions and "enhanced" versions of lockdowns where enhanced were somehow lighter than the base level. But then they keep moving the goalposts with things like "GCQ with heightened restrictions" or "GCQ with some restrictions", and every new level just makes things feel even more ridiculous. 

Metro Manila is back at GCQ with heightened restrictions until 31 July. I'm not sure what a week at this supposed higher quarantine level is going to do for things, especially with the big fears about the higher infection potential of the delta variant of COVID-19. But what else can we do but just ride through the storm as best as we can?

The only immediate change that this quarantine level has on me personally is that the gyms are closed again. I feel bad about it to some degree, but it's not like I haven't been working out at home this whole time throughout quarantine. But I was enjoying the sense of momentum of working out with more serious weights again. Not gonna lie though - I was beginning to wonder if I needed to step back from gym sessions over the delta fears. While the DOH only recently confirmed local delta transmission within Metro Manila, given their track record, it probably means cases have been going undetected until recently.

Outside of that though, it's going to be more of the same. We're still mostly staying home. We're going out for essential errands. We still can't (and won't) have guests over. 2020 was stressful and 2021 is threatening to bore us to death in quarantine.

The only other thing weighing heavily on my mind at this point is how the restrictions are going to impact something we had mapped out for work. While we've been working from home all this time, we were hoping to organize a limited meet-up as part of this year's company summit, but the new restrictions may limit things. And the IATF is supposed to meet again this weekend, so they may modify the restrictions in Metro Manila even further.

When it rains, it pours.