029FC: A Very Busy Hump Day

Rainy Wednesday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 494

Had to get up early today because we had a client pitch before 09:00am. It was the sort of meeting where I wasn't necessarily expected to present any part of the deck, but I was there just in case anything came up that I could address for the assembled clients. I was super stressed about missing this appointment given I've been waking up past 08:00am most days. 

But by some miracle, I woke up at 07:00am, so that was one crisis averted. I squeezed in time for a rushed workout, panicked when I wasn't quite ready at 08:30am, but then relaxed once I double-checked my calendar to see the meeting was at 08:45am. Both the workout and my near-lateness really pushed my heart rate to cardio levels of activity, but I guess that was a good thing overall. At the very least it made for a good workout on many levels.

Plus the all-day rains seemed to only really drive up the humidity and not necessarily make things any cooler. I had to change shirts a few times since there's something about being on video calls, especially client calls, that gets me sweatier than normal. I kind of wished we had used the air conditioning, but that didn't make sense given the rains. So yeah, it was just us swimming in humidity throughout the day and me getting sweatier whenever I'd get up to do my hourly steps to hit my 12,000 daily step goal.

The pitch went as well as could be expected. Then we spent a better part of the day working on a proposal submission due at 04:00pm. Despite how much of these things we get addressed before the day of submission, we often spend the day itself working on a lot of the finer points and final clean-up, which almost always lasts until the last hour. But you know how it is - there will always be room for making anything just that much better. 

After spending most of the day on a video call for the proposal, I still had a few more meetings to get through. I was pretty drained at that point, but work is work, so what else can be done, right? At least I still got my daily deliverables done and the pitch meeting and the proposal. So that makes for a pretty successful day.

We were supposed to have a Vampire game, but that got canceled due to some of the players being busy. That left us with time to watch a movie and I finally got Tobie to watch My Cousin Vinny, which always has a soft spot in my heart among comedic legal movies. We still have some free time and I think we can play a lighter board game or two.