029FB: Holiday Blur

Short Holiday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 493

I wasn't expecting much from today's holiday given (1) it fell on a Tuesday and (2) I still had some work things that needed to get addressed. But hey, it's still time off.

We enjoyed unboxing our new copy of MIND MGMT The Psychic Espionage "Game" on Baduy Pride last night. We've yet to play the game, but we'll dive into it soon enough. We also watched Love, Simon, which wasn't as cheesy as I expected it to be and ended up pretty charming. 

The stress of yesterday also got me finally buying Lego Builder's Journey on Steam because I wanted a calming puzzle game - and I wasn't disappointed. Sure, it's against my "rules" to buy a Steam game at full price, but it was definitely needed. 

We didn't stay awake too late though - we were both pretty tired from having gotten up early for Monday. 

The most holiday thing we did was to get out of bed pretty late. I slept over 6 hours, which is a rarity, and then we just lazed about in bed reading and whatnot. We could have done other things, but this is what we ended up doing, and maybe it was precisely what I needed for today. I did eventually get out of bed and I limited myself to lower impact activities as my workout in order to stay in "theme" with today's holiday mood.

Alas, I had some work that I needed to get done in the afternoon and that took up most of my time. Tobie cooked lunch. I got through my work stuff. We ordered out for dinner and watched Minari, because I'm still trying to catch up with this year's Oscar nominees. We recorded another Baduty Pride episode. And then suddenly, the day was gone.

Holidays, like weekends, are always welcome but never stay around long enough. We make the most of what we get, but we also hope for more.