029FA: Monday Stress (x2)

Monday Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 492

I woke up still feeling pretty sore from my weight-based workouts over the weekend. Given that, I knew it was a bad idea to push too hard and I shuffled my workout options for the week to give myself some yoga. Even that was still a bit of a struggle as the longer holds and poses really helped me identify every last muscle that was in relative pain. But at least I still did something - despite the yoga, my weigh-in was troublingly high.

Maybe that was an unusual portent of the day. 

I knew this was going to be a particularly busy Monday given key work deadlines, the need to onboard a new employee, and tomorrow's holiday condensing work for the week. But I wasn't ready for how busy things actually turned out to be, including a few curveballs that really threw things for a loop. At least we cleared the important deadlines and the many, many onboarding meetings. That still leaves us with other things in need of resolution sooner rather than later, but we're not out of this particular neck of the woods yet.

We still have another urgent deadline on Wednesday, so a number of us have accepted that we'll need to meet up for work tomorrow in order to get things done in time. Better we invest in some time tomorrow than end up needing to rush things on Wednesday. 

The holiday tomorrow is one of the rare ones that Tobie and I both share, so we both have the day off. Not sure how best to make use of it given it is an annoying mid-week holiday. In pre-pandemic times, we would have banked on O Bar having a special holiday schedule, thus giving us something to do tonight. But that is clearly not the case with the quarantine very much in effect (and very much necessary). 

We'll make the most of things one way or another. We have to keep moving forward because that's what we do. Keep focused on the bigger picture. Work is just work.