029F9: The Changing Face of BGC

Dead Spaces

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 491

So my weekend gym sessions are still a thing and I continue to test my limits when it comes to weights. 10lbs is a generally comfortable weight for most drills but today I tried to step things up to 12lbs and it made a world of difference. I don't think this will take me all the way to a point of hurting myself (I think), but it was nice to push myself more. 

After the gym, I picked up brunch for the family and that had me visiting Burgos Circle after a long while. As much as I still run errands outdoors at least once a month, my route has been pretty fixed and hasn't involved other parts of BGC like this. And I was surprised at the number of establishments that had either closed or had already been replaced by something else. 

Understandably this pandemic has been quite a challenge for businesses that rely on in-store business patronage. And whenever I do step out, I've documented the closure of quite a number of different BGC establishments, most of them being restaurants that have been unable to re-open at a profitable level. In all honestly, it's pretty sad - almost depressing - to see these places go. I may not have personally gone to a lot of these places, but they are part of the BGC landscape that I've gotten used to. Sure, other businesses will eventually replace them because that's just how these things work, but clearly, things will continue to get worse before they get better.

What surprised me more was just the sheer number of Burgos Circle businesses that seem to have cycled. Some are just closed and others have closed, been replaced by something else, closed, and then replaced again. That's kind of crazy given we're still in the middle of a pandemic, but I guess that's just how the local business landscape is going. People have to keep moving forward. And it'll be anyone's guess what BGC is going to look like should once things get back to something a lot closer to normal than what we've been living over the past year.