029F7: Weekend Fun

Friday Roast Chicken

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 489

Busy week. Busy month. Busy busy busy. I keep bringing up the fact that things have been very busy at work for both me and Tobie. But such is the way of things. We knew things were going to be tight as we came into this month. And things aren't going to get any "better" anytime soon, it seems. But what needs to be done will be done. We keep moving forward as best we can. 

The weather has been a little weird as well. It can be very, very sunny first thing in the morning. Then in the late afternoon to early evening, it might drizzle a bit or it might rain fiercely. Once we're done with Baduy Pride, it's pretty chill but back to being dry (no rain) but potentially more humid over time. We are dealing with a tropical depression (Fabian), hence the crazier weather than normal. I'm happy when it means cooler nights for us. But some of the bolts of lightning get pretty intense.

We've mapped out our gaming plans for the next month, which is nice. Still 100% online gaming, but which is kind of sad. We finally slotted in the time to wrap up our Detective: LA Crimes campaign. Our last session was back in December and we just hadn't found the time for it, ironically enough. But this expansion only lasts 3 cases, so this should be our last session for this one. Then we see how things go. We have at least 2 more Detective expansions to explore and the spin-off espionage game Vienna Connection. I keep hoping we'll get to play these games with friends in person, but the quarantine just continues to drag on. so maybe it's not so terrible to content ourselves with online alternatives. 

This weekend I want to visit the gym again, get more reading done, and of course, play some RPGs with friends. This weekend we have a Night's Black Agents session on Saturday and a Ryuutama session on Sunday. We also have a number of new board games in our collection (because Tobie is crazy), and we'll see if we can find some time to learn to play some of them as well.