029F0: Friday Becomes Saturday

Hello, Weekend!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 482

Wow, that was a pretty long week. Sure it consisted of five days just like any other work week, but this one felt particularly busy - even if just in a relative sense. Both Tobie and I have a lot going on, but we both managed to get through to the weekend intact. But we'll definitely need to rest and recharge.

We don't have a scheduled RPG session together tomorrow, but at least Tobie has a Cthulhu game in the morning, so there's that. That leaves the rest of Saturday free and I figure we'll at least be able to play a few more board games, maybe watch some movies. We'll just try to keep things chill. Admittedly I still find it difficult to gather the brainpower to play heavier board games when I feel this mentally drained from work, but some serious gaming would do me some good, too. I'll just need to push forward.

What would really be great is a massage or some other pampering experience. But this is not a form of recreation that is readily available to us given the quarantine restrictions, nor does it feel particularly safe to have a stranger in such close contact for an extended period of time. Even better than that would be a chance to unwind at a place like O Bar, but live performance spaces remain closed. It is at best wishful thinking to even consider it a possibility in the medium-term future, given how things have been going. 

We at least have an online RPG session on Sunday, so there's that to look forward to as well. It's our long-running Pendragon campaign, which has decently transitions to online play. It's never quite the same but it still goes a long way. And I've lost count of how many times I've reminded myself of this fact. It's a somewhat trite reminder, but it remains very much true. We have to appreciate what we have to work with.

At least we had a lot of fun with tonight's Baduy Pride episode about the show Friends. It helped a lot that our friend Noel was able to join us for the show. Beyond the topic, it was just nice to talk with a friend like that and enjoy each other's (still virtual) company. 

Hello, weekend. Hope we get to make the most of our time together.