029EF: Mentally Wandering Around

The Busy Week

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 481

Today's workload was slightly better than yesterday, but things remain very busy on the whole. Tobie and I barely have time to have shows playing in the background since we're still jumping from meeting to meeting. I was able to catch up with a lot of the work that has been building up across the week, but I still have a lot left on my plate. I know Tobie is equally busy but in very different ways, so needless to say that our stress level of the week has been higher than we'd like it to be. 

Maybe that partly explains why we ended talking for close to two hours about Marvel movies and TV shows today on Baduy Pride. It was nice to be able to talk about something other than what's going on at work and I guess we just drove right in. Plus we've always had very strong opinions about comic-related content and Tobie has a real knack for coming up with crazy what-if scenarios. We don't agree on everything, but in the end, it does make for quite a compelling conversation.

Beyond that, not much else to discuss really. This week's Loki was pretty interesting, but not sure if the show is going to end on a high note. After 2 Disney+ Marvel shows thus far, I think we've learned to temper our expectations of how much comic book fandom the shows are going to embrace. 

Been kind of struggling to keep up with my workouts this week, probably because of everything going on at work. I've still managed to do something every day, but I have been sort of avoiding really heavy stuff at times when I'm just not in the mood. In terms of my workout schedule for the rest of the week, I don't seem to have any that require a trip to the gym, but we'll see about that. I figure I'll still have room to shuffle my workouts around to free up time during the weekend for something with weights. 

I still have errands to do before bed, so I better wrap things up. Good night for now. The weekend is near, but we still have to get through the Friday workday first.