029ED: Wednesday Recovery

Hump Day Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 480

It's the middle of the workweek and there has still been so much going on. My tasks are a bit more under control, but I still had to prioritize here and there and push other items to tomorrow. Still had a lot of meetings to participate in, and these really add to that "busy" feeling more than other stuff. 

But work is just work, and thankfully it comes to an end, eventually. And for as long as we get to clock out and breathe, then we have a chance to rest and recover before everything starts up again tomorrow. 

Today is also 7.7, which is another big online retail sale day. As mentioned before, I mainly use these mini-events for my keto grocery shopping, I've shifted things around such that I only really restock stuff once a month and I limit myself to Lazada so that I get discounts + almost free shipping + Shopback rebates. It works out okay and I think I saved at least 20% off my purchases.

Tobie opted to invest in some additional equipment for our live stream efforts in the form of a new webcam and another ring light. That brings our total number of lights to three, which makes us feel somewhat more serious in terms of production, If only the camera helps with our video quality since a lot of the time it feels like it never quite focuses on us. 

We didn't have a Vampire: the Masquerade game tonight because of scheduling complications, so we're left to our own devices for now. Might try to squeeze in a board game or two after we finish this week's episode of Loki, but admittedly I don't have quite enough brainpower for anything too complicated. 

Or I just might try to make another TikTok video. I haven't gotten as far as a proper transformation video using one of my Transformers figures and have been contenting myself with applying this or that effect while I'm still learning the ropes. But I am seeing the relative simplicity of the platform that still expands to a lot of possibilities. I still have no plans of personally appearing in a video, so our collection of geeky things will have to do the heavy lifting for now.