029EB: Really Kicking Off July


 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 478

This was one heck of a Monday. I had not fully appreciated just how busy I had been until I found myself still rushing my planned tasks for the day after 7pm. I heard Tobie heading to the kitchen to figure out something for dinner and I called out that I could still handle dinner once I finished a few more things. But given the time and how much more time I actually needed to get my work stuff done, it was just as well that he prepared something for us to eat.

Today was a very firm reminder of how busy we've all been expecting July to be. We have a lot of work coming in, some personnel changes mapped out, and a major company event at the end of the month. That certainly has us busy on multiple fronts, but I remain confident in the abilities of our team to see things through. We just have to survive long enough to get to the end of the month without going totally bonkers or something.

After writing yesterday's blog post, I made some attempts to figure out a Transformers-related TikTok video. I first tried taking clips with my phone and explored what options I had to stitch them together within Tiktok itself. But the native features were weird and it limited me to 5-second snippets of my clips to work with for some reason. I tried moving them to Canva, but the template options weren't that versatile and there were certainly more effects within TikTok. I tried looking online for other video tools that might make it easier to create the videos I had in mind, but they still felt too tedious to be practical.

To be fair, I want to figure out a process that requires minimal effort but still produces decent results. I don't foresee becoming a "serious" content creator on that platform. I'm still at the point where I just want to experiment with it and see what comes out. And given all the crazy things so many people are able to post, it can't be that difficult, right?

So I went to bed feeling pretty frustrated about my lack of progress, but I know I get this way whenever I don't immediately succeed at something. Maybe I underestimated this process. Maybe I was too focused on the plan I had initially mapped out and when that didn't work, I got frustrated. I'm still a little miffed about it, but I also have a better appreciation for what TikTok can do and I'll probably make another attempt at a video soon. I'll probably aim lower, so to speak, and just try one of the sillier filters on random Transformers, just to see what I come up with.

Sometimes we need small wins before moving on to the bigger stuff.