029E8: More Social Things

Social Expansion

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 475

If you've been tuned into the local online drag scene, you'll know that they've had to resort to different live streaming solutions. We've regularly tried to patronize different their different Facebook Live and Zoom shows. But one platform we've yet to explore is Kumu, which has become quite the popular live streaming site, especially during the many months of quarantine. It still doesn't feel like a platform I think I'd ever meaningfully contribute to, but I wouldn't mind watching more drag shows.

Finally giving into Kumu got me pulling off the proverbial Band-aid by also installing TikTok, another app I had been somewhat avoiding for some time now. Given how a lot of TikTok content makes its way outside the platform to Instagram Stories or Twitter, it never felt like that big a priority to do so. However, I had been to explore the platform for work because it is a platform that more had more clients are curious about and are somewhat open to exploring for as long as it might support their branding campaigns and whatnot. 

Consuming content on TikTok is scarily easy. Just going through the "For You" part of their feed is an exercise in short attention span moderation. You want to train the app to get a better understanding of what you might enjoy watching, but the only signal you can really send to TikTok when you don't like something is to swipe it away. And so I find myself in a race to swipe up as quickly as possible to avoid lingering on irrelevant content - and there's a lot of crap out there. And I literally feel the app testing different content types with me every time I launch the app. This morning was a lot of fitness content. This afternoon involved more women. Tonight I've been getting more animal-related content. So that's still something, I guess. I don't follow enough accounts to limit myself to just my direct feed, so I'm still exploring the trending stuff. Crazy, crazy app.

I initially stated that I doubt I'll create content for either platform, but this early I find myself wondering if there's room for Transformers-related content focused on the toys. I don't see any posts like that on the app so far and maybe I could experiment with that sort of thing. I don't plan on anything extravagant like stop motion animation, but there must be some way to celebrate the toys in a way that makes sense for the platform. 

We'll see how things go.