029E6: Wednesday Updates

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 473

Tobie was supposed to get vaccinated in Makati City today, but his appointment got postponed to next week. Coincidentally, the city of Taguig had also suspended Sinovac vaccinations on Monday and Tuesday due to missing documentation of some sort, but thankfully they resumed full operations today. Tobie hasn't had luck getting a vaccination slot here, so now it's just a question of which LGU will accommodate him first.

There are about 15 days left in the Kickstarter for Forests of Pangaea, which is a very beautiful forest-growing board game that I've been considering supporting. On the surface, it feels like a much prettier version of Photosynthesis, another tree-related board game that we currently own. But instead of cardboard trees, this game has well-designed wooden ones that stack nicely in order to depict taller trees. The gameplay feels sorta similar, hence I haven't been super eager to back it just yet. Plus it's an entirely new game by a first-time board game designer as published by a new company. So it does feel like quite the gamble. 

Work was super busy today. I had so many meetings that got in the way of me finishing my actual tasks for the day. Plus I also had to complete my quarterly assessments and multiple new Google Ads campaigns that I had been mapping out for most of the month. And I can get pretty fussy about how I break down my campaigns into ad groups and related ad sets, so naturally, it would take a few hours to get the actual campaigns configured. It's a part of the job that is both tedious but still somehow fun. And it still comes with a fair amount of uncertainty since you won't know if the ads will run or not until the different ad components actually get approved by the system despite all the work that gets put into setting things up.

Beyond all this, at least we still had our Vampire: the Masquerade game to look forward to tonight. The campaign is steadily moving towards a big finish as we prepare to actually wrap things up. It's always kind of sad to end a game but then it's also important to give a campaign a proper ending. It's like knowing when to end a TV show so that it doesn't extend overly long and just end up leading nowhere. And I definitely feel things are headed in that direction very soon.

On a related note about endings, I also finally finished reading Sweet Tooth even before finishing the Netflix series. The comic has a very different story versus the show but both have their pros and cons. Naturally, the scale of the comic always had the potential to be much bigger than the show, and I and rather curious to see how the two versions will continue to grow apart. Reading the comic did sort of making watching the show confuse me more, but now my brain is at peace with the narrative differences between the two. It was harder to treat the two works as separate things while I was still mid-way through the comic. Now I can look forward to finishing this first (?) season in earnest.