029E4: Home Fitness Rambling Update

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 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 471

This week started with me not having mapped out my workout for the day, so I was somewhat surprised by what the Nike Training Club app had in mind for me. It was one of the lengthier, higher intensity workouts in the app, but definitely, one I've managed before given I've done most of the bodyweight exercises over the course of the quarantine period. But I was feeling rather sluggish this morning, largely because we had slept later than we should have and so I wasn't super excited to do something like this.

But given I've been grumbling about my relatively heavier weight in recent weeks, I also knew that it would do me no good to skip this workout or even rearrange my schedule for the week to make things easier for myself. So after some internal coaxing and metaphorically kicking myself in the rear, I eventually got started on the workout, managed to handle most of the sets but struggled through the final sequence of core exercises, and started the workweek feeling a bit more accomplished. 

My weigh-in was still heavier than I would have liked, but at least it was not overly heavy and still felt like it's headed in the right direction. Tomorrow's scheduled workout is going to be more intense but will at least be shorter. But it's also one of the rare workouts that don't actually include a cool-down set, so ideally I need to start my workout earlier in order to budget some time for some restorative yoga after. 

Welcome to the complex workout-related decision-making process I go through upon waking up.

Beyond all this, Anytime Fitness has confirmed that they will resume charging me for my membership come the first of July. I had last been charged for February and March and across the 45+ days they were open I didn't visit my home branch. As my 2-week post-vaccination window is coming up, I may consider finally going back to the gym next month in order to recover some of the value of my ongoing membership. But I'll still probably resort to using a double mask and all that.

As much as I've been able to keep up with my almost daily workouts at home with only a few dumbbells as equipment, I do miss having more options to work with at the gym. I don't see myself going to the gym on a daily basis, but I'll probably make the trip for days that I get assigned workouts that require other equipment. This will require careful planning and coordination along with a heck of a lot of nerves. It has been relatively easier not to risk things at all and remain at home for non-essential activities like working out. But we'll see how things go.