029E3: Pride Frustrations

Another Year of Pride at Home

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 470

The last weekend of June is traditionally one of the key periods of the year when we celebrate LGBT Pride. At the very least it would mean a party at your favorite queer space or even participation in events like the pride march, which returned to June after years of being commemorated in December.

This year marks our second Pride Month in quarantine, which is sucky on a number of levels. Yes, not being able to participate in in-person pride events is but one "inconvenience" along with many others that we've given up because of the pandemic. But it definitely stings on a deeper level. Pride is not just a party but a period of collective political action. And with the state of LGBT rights remaining where it is - which means technically non-existent for the most part, not having this opportunity to remind the rest of the country that we exist and deserve equal protections can be quite frustrating.

Despite the plethora of different Pride-related online shows and related digital events, I have to admit that I didn't super feel the Pride spirit this year. And I know it's unfair to say that with so much still going on. But I guess this stems from not being able to be with friends and our chosen family during this time. Pride Month is sort of like queer Christmas and it marks when we most want to be with the rest of the community. But here we are, still in isolation, socially distant from one another. 

To add insult to injury, our building still isn't allowing guests, so it's not like we could at least get the likes of our anak Nico over to feel that old pride vibe together or pretend that it's another O Bar night. We're all feeling the separation from one another and that can leave quite an emotionally heavy burden for all of us. And while we'll continue to do our best to get by, there's no denying that we really miss our friends. 

Steady on for now. We hope everyone, especially those in our social circles, continues to stay safe. And I hope that we get to return to a life that is a lot closer to normal than what we've been living over the past year.

We will be together again. Happy Pride to all those we love!