029E0: Thursday Blah Blah Blah

More Canva Things
But the chicken is ours.

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 467

Tobie hasn't had luck with catching a vaccination appointment via TRACE Taguig thus far. Throughout the day different vaccination sites would show up every time he'd reload the site but none of the locations would show actual time slots or appointments. But we'll keep trying for now.

Work has been pretty busy this week. I feel like I keep saying that, but it's also quite true. We're past being overloaded by different proposals and now we're dealing with those proposals that have translated into actual accounts. So it's that classic case of good problems to have, as things go. But we still have a few proposals bouncing around, so I guess there's no getting away from that business cycle.

Indirectly because of that, I feel like I'm falling behind on my reading again. While I haven't missed out on reading at least a book a day for 2021 thus far, I do feel I'm slowing down. The end of the month is just around the corner and we'll see if I can cram in a few more titles so that I feel better about things. Comics will always be the low-hanging fruit that goes by a lot quicker, but I do feel like I'm cheating versus reading like "proper" books if you get my drift.

Just one more workday to get through, and then the weekend begins in earnest. We have a bunch of fun things scheduled and I think I'll squeeze in a foot spa session while Tobie is otherwise occupied. We'll see how things actually go though - the weekends can be busy in ways that are different from what we hope at times. But let's not jinx things.