029DB: Second Shot Day


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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 462

So I got my second COVID-19 vaccination today. Thus in two weeks, I'll be fully vaccinated. This won't change things all that much in the immediate future, especially since Tobie hasn't qualified for vaccination just yet. And our building still officially bans guests as a measure to help keep the residents safe, so there's that. If anything, I might consider finally going back to the gym once my 2 week period is over. I'll still wear a double mask while working out just to be safe, but it's certainly something I'm only going to consider once I've given the vaccine sufficient time to work through my system.

My preparations for today's jab were pretty much the same as last time. I made sure to get a nice high-intensity workout in before I left for the vaccination site. It's generally not advisable to engage in strenuous activity right after getting a vaccine shot, so tomorrow is inevitably going to be some sort of a rest day. And you know how crazy I've gotten over my efforts to improve my overall level of fitness and hopefully lose some weight these days.

I could've walked to the High Street vaccination site, but I asked Tobie to bring me most of the way since he was going to do the weekly grocery run. One clear sign that we haven't been out all that much is that I totally flubbed navigating him to that side of High Street and ended up needing to walk a fair part of the way since we got trapped by the different one-way streets. 

Empty Quarantine Center

While I figured that things would be quicker today versus last time since I was coming in for my second dose, but what I wasn't expecting was for there to be no queue at all. It was just straight to the registration table to get my pre-vaccination survey and to tag me as being present for my shot and all that. There were no queues for any other steps of the process, so I actually spent more time filling up the form versus the time I spent talking to the doctor and getting the actual shot combined. 

While I'm grateful for the efficiency, I was rather sad that there weren't more people getting vaccinated. I'm not sure if this was because of limited vaccine supplies limiting appointment slots for the day or just that BGC proper has fewer residents getting vaccinated during the weekend versus the weekday working population. Whatever the reason, it was just crazy that there wasn't any sort of a line.

Then again, you could tell that things were super routine for everyone and I feel like some of the steps had been skipped. No one checked my blood pressure before my shot, but maybe that's also because I was there for a second dose, so risk factors were fewer? The doctor's interview was mainly focused on checking what my side-effects were from the first dose and other related feelings. The actual shot hurt more than my first dose, but that seems to have been related to them not having the smaller needles in stock. It all ended with the observation period, but I'm pretty sure they didn't even wait 15 minutes before releasing me. But it is what it is.

I'm just glad it's done and now I'm going to do my best to get Tobie vaccinated as A4 somehow. If there are a lot of days like this when the vaccination facility has no one waiting in queue for their shots, then that has to mean there are opportunities for people who are willing to get vaccinated sooner. Plus the way each LGU has been interpreting the A4 category criteria seems a little nebulous, so we might as well take advantage of that, right? 

It has been almost 12 hours since I got my shot and I seem to be dealing with the same minor side-effects as last time. This consists mainly of a weird pain/numbness in my left arm that has spread to my left leg. Sometimes I feel potentially sympathetic pain in my right arm, but that disappears as soon as I focus on it and really consider if there's actual pain. I feel a more significant reaction from my right knee since I had grazed it during my workout this morning. Applying disinfectant on that was crazy painful and it continues to throb a bit, especially when I bend my knee or it rubs against the fabric of my Thai pants. But I'm otherwise okay so far.