029D0: Tuesday Ramble

Two Bowls of Pork Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 451

Update for those who didn't see the Facebook comment thread: the maintenance dude eventually got the bedroom door open. It took him over an hour (or two) and it felt like he had to slowly disassemble the doorknob into its individual components first, but at least he got the job done. And we still need to buy a new doorknob and then schedule the installation, and then life will be fully back to normal. Well, at least until something else breaks down. 

Lots going on at work, but what else is new. The tasks have been coming in one after the other plus we're still in a hiring mode and so I have interviews that I need to help along. All the good stuff.

The weather remains weird this week. It's all sorts of hot and humid and the weather keeps flip-flopping around. I see social media updates about rain in their area, but we're not really seeing that here in BGC because of course. It's almost always like this in terms of the weather around here. It can be raining cats and dogs in Makati just across Edsa but totally dry here.

I wanted to make time to play a game or two after work, but time just got away from me again. It's that odd sort of unproductive resting I find myself falling into that annoys me to no end. I don't actually know if this has happened more during the quarantine period, but I have definitely been more aware of it during this period. 

But it becomes too late to do anything else but get ready for bed. Tomorrow is another work day.