029D6: Working Out Towards Something

Oyster Mushroom Omelet

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 457

I'm at another weight plateau as of late. I know one factor is the fact that I have been working my way back to my previous level activity, so I'm not exactly hitting the high-intensity workouts on a daily basis. I have been trying to gradually increase the difficulty, but I do feel myself hitting my limits here and there and thus I have to scale back down so as not to overdo things.

Maybe I also need to shake up my eating habits. I'm still keto-compliant for the most part, but of course, there's room to take more severe actions in order to shock my system more. Maybe I could take out the keto desserts for a while and see how that goes? Snacking, in general, is still hard to completely remove even if it involves keto-friendly snacks. But yeah maybe I need to take more serious actions.

Then again, I'm still in the 75kg range, so that's not exactly bad. I'm still short of my goal weight of 70kg but this is a lot better than where I used to be. And not to overly toot my own horn, but I do think I look a lot better than I used to. We can always argue that some of the weight can be attributable to slowly developing muscles from my near-daily workouts because I'm stubbornly trying to maintain my forward momentum.

Super weight loss isn't quite the long-term goal. But I do want to be at a healthier weight and to improve my overall level of fitness. In that regard, I'm definitely doing a lot better. Today is a great reminder of that as my workout this morning was the dreaded Burpee Beach routine that includes a total of 50 burpees across the different sets. That's a big challenge for anyone and I mocked how the workout was tagged as a moderate one. But after getting through it today, I was kind of surprised that not only had I made it through, I also wasn't overly winded or exhausted after. Earlier iterations of this workout had me feeling near death but now I'm okay. So that's something to be happy about. 

And yes, I have gotten pretty eager about documenting my workout progress on particular social channels. I have become "that guy" who posts his workout photos on the daily and I even have dedicated Google Photos albums to collate all my progress photos just so I can better appreciate the changes over time. It's harder to see the changes when you compare from day to day, but things get pretty surprising when take a few steps back and compare year on year photos or even month on month. 

It's still kind of weird how much I've gotten into all this, but I'm also very happy that I had not only started this journey but have managed to stick to it pretty faithfully. I keep reminding myself that this is all going to pay off in the long run. I just have to be patient and continue to do the work. 

My thanks to those who indulge my modest effort at thirst-trapping haha