029D2: Right Before Friday

Terraforming Mars Big Box Still in Shipping Box

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 453

Quite the busy Thursday. A banking snafu nearly derailed today's scheduled payroll cycle, but thankfully my admin team and I were able to figure out a way to avoid that regrettable outcome. I have never been delayed for payroll in the company's history and I didn't want that to start now. So I'm just glad that things worked out in the end, even if it took like 2+ hours of work, not counting the stress throughout the day before we had come up with a solution. 

A lot of things happening on the media front. The In the Heights movie has been released in the US and other places where movie theaters are allowed to operate. Trese is going live on Netflix at midnight. And we haven't even gotten started on the new season of Feel Good nor the new show Sweet Tooth, of which I have immediately purchased the graphic novels. We'll see if we get to watch the show before I read the comics. 

We also have our Terraforming Mars Big Box waiting to be unboxed. We may film this as a sort of Baduy Pride episode like what we did with the Imperial Settlers Storage Box, both of which are pretty much storage solutions for games that we love enough to have purchased all their expansions over the years. Not sure if it really makes for good content, but we do enjoy sharing the experience.

Here come Friday. One more day in the workweek for both me and Tobie.