029CB: Thursday Nostalgia Adventuring

Keto Pizza Omelet

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 446

Had a LOT of fun talking about The Crystal Maze on Baduy Pride earlier tonight. Beyond the fact that Tobie and I really love the show, we were by a number of friends who also loved the show AND someone who runs a Crystal Maze fan blog who shared even more information that he had acquired from more firsthand sources. It made for quite the awesome virtual discussion indeed.

Naturally, we loaded some episodes of the show on YouTube after the stream to relive the fun. And man, they're still so much fun. The actual prizes on the show may not have been all that great, but experiencing the maze itself was probably more than worth it. Oh, the memories. 

Not much else to talk about today other than work stuff. Got a fair amount done. More meetings and interviews to handle tomorrow. 

We continue to persevere through this pandemic as best as we can. And I'm psyching myself to endeavor to unbox and transform my gigantic Unicron figure soon. I may need to dedicate a whole day (or night) to the activity - maybe it's something to try tomorrow after Baduy Pride or something. We'll see how things go.