029A3: Another Quarantine Birthday

Tobie documenting his own birthday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 407

This year marks Tobie's second birthday celebrated in quarantine. And this time, his family really pulled out all the stops to help make his special day more fun by having a LOT of stuff delivered. Just a cake would have been "traditional" as it were, especially given Tobie's love for Conti's Mango Bravo cake. But the surprises started pretty early with a huge tub of taho this morning followed by a big Japanese lunch, party hats, lots of birthday balloons, and of course a Mango Bravo cake. 

Birthdays are among the rare events that I break keto for, especially when there's a Mango Bravo around. And so we enjoyed lunch without (too much) guilt and we even a little earlier than normal in terms of schedule (but just within my intermittent fasting cycle) because birthdays are special times. As much as I wish I had figured out the big plans for today, this was a great give from his family and a nice way for them to "participate" in the festivities, even while practicing responsible social distancing. 

We've spent a better part of the weekend watching different Masterclass courses in what was initially a rush to make the most of things before we had to renew the account. In the end, I let it renew and I'll just have to make better use of the platform this year, whether it becomes a regular thing for us or this will be marked as our last year with the program. Only time will tell, but the stuff on the platform is really good. 

We had our Pendragon online RPG session yesterday, which was fun given we managed to get to the end of the Battle of Badon Hill. After that, Tobie and I played a few digital board games including him crushing me in Carcassonne and me close to winning Root before the game crashed. Today we had our first session for the Fairview RPG, which is an exciting exploration of small-town life in a place like the US during the events of World War II. And tonight we'll try to catch this week's AnTuTan Says online drag show before wrapping up the weekend.