0299F: Foot Things

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 403

I'm just going to talk about my feet today. In particular, I'm going to talk about my calluses. Feel free to stop reading now.

One side effect of my almost daily workouts is the development of calluses at specific parts of my feet. The thickening on the sides of my big toes are my oldest friends - I started developing those just because of my tendency to walk longer distances, more so since we moved to BGC. But now I have hard spots on the side of my foot near my little toe and right in the middle of the balls of my feet. There are hard spots all around the edges of my heels with a particularly thick "button" on each foot right near where my heel ends and the arch of my foot begins. This is something that has developed due to me constantly "stepping" with slippers on in order to achieve my Fitbit-tracked daily step goal.

I think I was able to keep this progression at by with regular foot spas pre-pandemic. But given the lockdown and how my workouts increased from 3-4 times a week to, well, almost daily, while my foot spa frequency sharply approached zero, things got bad.

One of the weirder treats that Tobie got me during one of his grocery runs in the earlier days of the pandemic was a pumice stone attached to a brush handle that has helped me attack my own feet. This never feels quite as effective as those giant emery boards that they use at nail spas, but it helps. But there's only so much I can do on my own. But I super love the fact that he thought of getting it for me given he knows how frustrated I am with the state of my feet. 

With things more relaxed in the earlier part of the year, I actually went as far as setting up foot spa appointments gain at a nail spa that was nearly as secret as the name promised. Every time I'd go there'd be no other people at the spa at the same time apart from the two staff members on duty. I think I went at least twice this year, but then the cases started to rise sharply and so I stayed away even before we shifted back to ECQ.  The girl really worked hard, I'll give her credit. The last time she had managed to shave things down very smoothly, even if my feet were a little more tender than I'd like after. 

Without that, my calluses have rapidly returned with a vengeance despite periodic attacks with the pumice stone during my regular showers. I really need to set aside time to like properly soak my feet in warm water before using the stone in earnest. But time keeps slipping away from me, as is often the problem throughout this lockdown. More recently I asked Tobie to get me some lotion during his last grocery run, and he picked up some that claimed to be specifically for addresses hard skin. I'm not sure if it's having any effect just yet - it has only been a few days after all. But I'm giving it a shot with applications after my post-workout shower in the morning and right before bed.

It's easier to think about silly non-problems like this versus everything else in the world. And it's not like anyone else gets to see how rough my feet have gotten apart from Tobie. Such is the quarantine life.