02999: Time Locked


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 397

I keep wanting to invest more time into playing video games in order to make better use of my Steam library, but I can never seem to find the time. I know I'm juggling a lot of things, but surely there's a way to squeeze it into my day, right?

Work is work and that time is sacred, so I distinctly avoid even thinking about PC games during that period. Of course, I throw in mobile games and reading while I do my steps, but that's about it. 

After work, there's still my "dailies" - Elevate, Duolingo, and my personal blog updates. Most nights we have Baduy Pride, which can take about an hour, and then I still need to fix the video on YouTube after, along with cross-posting it to the blog.

And lots and lots of reading in-between. I do have a book-a-day goal, after all, something with helps somewhat assuage my guilt over all the books that I buy.

That doesn't leave me much time to play - there is never enough time in the day indeed. On weekends my time is eaten up by our gaming sessions, which is not a bad thing for sure. It's ironic that social gaming competes with my personal gaming and so...no gaming.

Where to find the time?