02993: Little Things That Go a Long Way

JBL Endurance Jump

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 391

We had our town hall meeting this morning - something we're trying to maintain as a regular thing every month. The agenda is pretty straightforward in terms of updates and the like, but what I enjoy the most is how we spend most of the call just celebrating the great work done by the team. So it really becomes a good session for acknowledging all the good things that people are doing and we could all use more of that in these challenging times.

My new JBL Endurance JUMP Bluetooth headphones arrive today, which is only like 3 days since I ordered them (again) via Lazada. I really don't understand why my first order got so delayed until it got canceled since I've generally had good experiences with this particular seller. I guess it was a fluke tied to the influx of orders during Lazada's birthday sale. I'll really put it through its paces tomorrow when I work out in the morning, so we'll see how that goes. If this one borks before a year, I'm going to give up on JBL products haha.

And to be sure I don't make the mistake I made with my JBL Endurance RUN headphones, I made sure to register my new headphones on the JBL website to get that covered. I'm typically more diligent about things like this when it comes to computers and really big electronics, but it slipped my mind that I would need to do the same for smaller gadgets like headphones. 

As for the weekend, we have simple goals. I want to spend some time playing Planet Zoo. We want to try ordering takeaway shabu shabu from Gansu Shabuway and save Sariwon for Sunday. We'll see if we can get some friends to play board games online tomorrow since we don't have a scheduled RPG session.

Have a good weekend, everyone!