0298E: Easter Stuff

Easter Cookies

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 386

Today is Easter Sunday and it was nice that Tobie's sister (and family) found a way to get us to join in the fun but sending us an Easter cooking decorating kit. It was basically 6 sugar cookies and three piping bags of icing along with various sprinkles and other edible decorations. It made for quite the fun activity, even if only Tobie can actually eat the cookies we decorated since all that sugar is totally not keto. 

But yeah, that brings the long weekend to an end and I'd like to think that we still had a good time spread across various mediums. We got to test a lot of our newer tabletop games and today we even squeezed in time to try out the digital version of Root for two quick games, which was very well done. When are the expansions going to come to this version?

But it's back to work tomorrow, at least for most of us. And we should remain thankful that there's still work to return to in these uncertain times. We also have another week of ECQ and who knows what else will come after that. But we keep rolling with the punches in order to survive and get through this craziness.

Technically there's a local holiday at the end of the week, but it's another one of those that I don't get to take advantage of since it has no Singapore counterpart. But that's okay, I'm pretty used to this part of job - and I say this as someone who spent over a dozen years in the BPO industry first before moving to my current role.