0298D: In-Between Saturdays

Chicken and Cabbage Bowls

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 385

It's weird to think that today is only Saturday - long weekends are a gift but can also be rather disorienting. After a long night of gaming, Tobie and I woke up pretty late and then got around to business. We wanted to make a grocery run and our respect for the current ECQ guidelines meant that he'd have to go alone. At least I made sure to load up on heavier slow-moving items like detergent and fabric softener the last time we went out in order to mitigate how much Tobie would have to carry on his own.

Our big agenda item or today is another online RPG session - this time for The Dracula Dossier campaign for Night's Black Agents, which our only game scheduled for the weekend. We could have had another game tomorrow, however, we had kept the day free for Easter plans with the family that now won't be able to push through. So instead, we'll probably just play more games tomorrow.

The game today is going to wrap up by midnight, which will leave the rest of the night free. Tobie and I have been heading to be closer to sunrise these past few days because of our late-night gaming together, which is still fun but can be quite tiring. I think we shouldn't stay up so late this tie around in case we have to do Easter video calls with family, but we'll see how the night unfolds. It's pretty easy to get lost in the whole board game rabbit hole once things get going.

Or we might hunt for friends who are awake and open to playing online, which is also a fun thing to consider for the weekend.