02987: Baking Rituals

Keto Pandesal

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 379

Every Sunday, I bake a fresh batch of keto pandesal for the week. I've long since memorized the recipe and I prepare it from memory -  a process that tends to overlap with the beginning of whichever online RPG session is scheduled for that Sunday. Our gaming friends are pretty familiar with the sounds of my pandesal prep before the game proper begins. And those sounds include the cheap hand mixer I got to help with this baking process.

I have yet to venture into other baking experiments thus yet, which is kind of funny given how long we've been in quarantine. I still buy keto-friendly confections from the likes of Keto Filipino and I could probably save money by baking my own, but we'll see if I'll ever get that far. 

But the pandesal has become a part of my routine, and friends and family know that carries a lot of weight when something gets that far. It's one of the nice things that has come out of this quarantine, I'll give it that much. And maybe I'll explore further in the days, and weeks to come. And it's clear that we're going to have a LOT more time indoors for the foreseeable future.

I'm trying not to lose myself to frustrations over this return to ECQ and how we as a country have returned to this point. It's not productive and I was raised to focus on action and what I can do instead of what I can't. Then again, we're also the sort of family who has always posed the challenge that even when you think you can't do something, if it needs doing then you find a way. And I've aligned my quarantine priorities along those lines - making sure that I do everything in my power to ensure that those closest to me remain safe and taken care of despite all the madness of this pandemic. 

Welcome to Holy Week in ECQ - in fact, our second Holy Week in quarantine, if I'm not mistaken. Amazing.