02984: Grocery Fail

Two Bowls of Stir-Fry Cabbage

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 376

For a better part of 2021, Tobie and I have been going to the grocery together on Thursday nights after work, which is a nice return to semi-normalcy reminiscent of our pre-pandemic life. For those who may not have been aware, for a better part of 2020 Tobie handled the grocery shopping on his own in order to minimize our exposure. But I do enjoy us shopping together and figuring out our menu as we go through the aisles. 

Today is the first time in a long time we weren't able to do our weekly grocery. We had not fully considered the implications of the expanded curfew across NCR+ and arrived at the mall just as it was closing, and so we couldn't shop.

It was sort of ironic that we had missed our window as I had tried to anticipate other concerns like making us eat dinner earlier instead of catching a bit at the typically empty supermarket food court area that just happens to have a budget steak place. No cheap steak this week - or for the foreseeable future. Our new COVID-19 per day continues to rise and being outside feels more and more dangerous.

Not quite sure how we'll make up for our missed grocery run today. We still have a good amount of leftovers to eat and we can always order out here and there, so we're not going to starve or anything. It's more a question of time and waiting for me to finish by 07:00pm will always be too late for the mall's 08:00pm closing time. We could go on Saturday morning, but that risks the weekend crowds at the mall, which I think will be pretty significant as part of this first week of the not-officially-ECQ heightened quarantine period.

Or we could explore online grocery delivery again - it's just that we end up with some pretty sucky vegetables whenever we do this. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions...