0297F: Saturday Mostly at Home

Zoom Reunion

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 371

This morning I had to get up earlier than usual for a reunion Zoom call that my high school classmates had mapped out. We didn't have a solid plan as to what we were actually going to do on the call. We just wanted to try to touch base with one another given it had been 20 years since we had graduated from high school. 

I dialed in a little late since I wanted to get my workout for the day done and over with. But as I joined, apparently the marching order was for each member of the class to essentially share their 20-year update on their lives. Thus people were narrating their career journey, how they met their significant others, their kids, and all that good stuff. It sounds like a boring way to do things, but I genuinely enjoyed the session and find out how everyone's lives had changed over the past two decades.

Given we only had about a third of our original class in the call, there's definitely an eagerness to schedule another session and hope to get more of us online. It's not an easy feat as we're spread out across the world with some in the US, Australia, Singapore, and different parts of Europe. No one time is going to consistently work out for everyone and I foresee that we'll need to try different schedules to see what mix of guys we end up with. 

Today I also got a foot spa and pedicure done. As much as this is clearly a non-essential activity given the current pandemic, I figured that this would probably be the last time I could indulge in this manner before the possibility of a more severe lockdown becomes reality once more. Plus the place I've started to go to, this being The Secret Lounge PH, has been very careful about how they handle customers. I suppose the limited size of their establishment forces them to really space out how appointments are scheduled. So the two times I've gone, it ends up that I'm the only customer present. And that certainly helps me feel a lot safer - although I did err on the side of caution by wearing a double-mask today.

And that girl really went to town on my feet. I was left with rather sore toes after, but she really made sure to whittle down a lot of my workout-related calluses and nip off a lot of the dry skin that had hardened around my toenails. 

And so it was with still tingly feet that I ran some errands for my family before heading home. I even got to drop of some Keto Filipino cookies with them 

The rest of this Saturday is all about gaming, albeit digital gaming for now. We set up an impromptu board game night with our FGTC family, and that's always something to look forward to. We're somewhat limited to the online-capable games that we all own in order for us to actually play with one another. We could probably go the more toolkit route with things like Tabletop Simulator, but that would require a lot more effort and probably a lot of fumbling with the interface. And thus we still opt for the official apps that handle things like rules and scoring automatically, although every board game app tends to have its own spin on things, admittedly.