0297B: Treading Water

Cabbage Bowls

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 367

Boring Part of This Blog Update: Work remains pretty busy. This whole first quarter of 2021 is up to quite the frenetic start. Full of good problems and other work complexities, but that's how things are. It takes up a lot of time and I feel like I'm falling behind in terms of my reading efforts. Stress.

Frustrated Part of This Blog Update: Every day is a new opportunity for the government to say stupid things. The President finally figured out that maybe we should be giving masks to the poor to help with compliance. More cities are resorting to liquor bans to somehow curb the spread of COVID-19. Our condo just required all residents to always wear masks and shields any time they leave the unit - admittedly I wouldn't bother with a shield when I'm just picking up a delivery a the lobby.

Less Stressful Updates: We got to wear one pair of our new shirts today during tonight's Baduy Pride episode. They still fit great after their first washing, so that's a good thing. The similar Marvel shirt we got from Old Navy previously is, well, I guess you could say they're a lot sexier than they were meant to be after the first washing. But they're not totally unwearable.

Tonight's episode about cartoons of the early 2000s had me digging out our Samurai Jack comic book compilation that I still haven't read. Might as well slot it into my physical reading queue while it's out and get through it. Not that I'm complaining - I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy it. There's just a lot going on.

And it's not even Wednesday yet.