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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 364

Today the DOH reported exactly 5,000 new COVID-19 cases in the country. It's always weird when they report nice round numbers like this - it makes it feel all the more likely that they shaved off some of the cases and are saving the rest for tomorrow so today doesn't look even more terrible. But the current trend is pretty ugly, no matter how you look at it. The city of Taguig has been reporting 50+ new cases per day all month and Fort Bonifacio hit a new spike yesterday of 26 new cases.

New PH COVID-19 Cases by Day

The DOH also confirmed that a new variant has been discovered in the Philippines, but weirdly their main point of contention with the media is not to report it as the "Philippine variant" but instead just refer to it as a variant that has been identified here but we're somehow not owning it either. We're already juggling the variants identified in the UK and Brazil in the country, both of which are said to be more infectious than the primary strain. 

Given all this, I found myself opting to wear a double-mask today during my monthly medicine run for the parents. It has always been pretty stressful to go to a place like Mercury Drug on a regular basis throughout this quarantine period, especially as this is the branch that happens to be right across the street from St. Luke's BGC. But we gotta do what we gotta do, so I just armor up to make sure I minimize my potential exposure so that I don't bring any of that "home" to my parents when I visit right after.

On the more personal social front, having mixed feelings about a few different situations within our different gaming circles. The gaming itself is fun, but there are a lot of weird things that either keep happening or have happened recently. Everyone has their respective challenges that they're dealing with, but that doesn't give people blanket authority to behave however they want. Especially when you try to be the kind of friend that does their best to offer consistent support but in the end, you can still feel like you're being treated like crap. 

It's not being done intentionally and yes one can do their best to empathize and understand that things are difficult. But seriously, that can only go so far. But we don't want to add to their troubles either by making an issue about some of these things and so we just let it slight and hope for the best. But really, one can't help but notice that things haven't changed across multiple incidents and it really starts to get to you over time.

Le sigh. 

But I'm just going to write about my frustrations for now and let things slide and hopefully, this will be enough to help me get over it. We have much bigger things to be concerned about like our government's abysmal pandemic response and I really don't want to make an overly big issue about these other matters right now.