02976: The Good, The Stressful, The Ugly

Steak and Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 362

This morning started pretty well. I had made sure that Tobie and I were in bed shortly after midnight and I seriously tried to sleep by 1am. And even though my Fitbit reported I actually achieved sleep around 2am, I still woke up pretty refreshed and earlier than the days prior. That gave me more time to have a good workout this morning including a nice relaxing restorative yoga flow as my extended cooldown activity.

After that, it was back to the kind of crazy business that we expect during a workday. I know I keep mentioning that this whole first quarter of 2021 has been feeling particularly busy, but every week just reinforces how true this observation is. It's a good problem to have and all that. but it's still a lot of work in the interim.

Not sure how all this balances out with the news as of late. PNP chief general Debold Sinas has confirmed to the public that he has COVID-19, but he is asymptomatic. The Metro Manila mayors have agreed to impose a uniform curfew of 10:00pm to 05:00am starting 15 March for at least two weeks in light of the spike of new cases in recent weeks. Oddly enough, this is the first time that Metro Manila has ever had a uniform curfew - these things have always been left at the city/LGU level, which has resulted in a hodgepodge of different rules and regulations based on which side of a political line you call home.

So many times our news headlines feel like things you'd encounter in the Plague, Inc. computer game.

And don't get me started on Duterte mentioning that Bong Go wants to run for President, only for Bong to claim that was just a "joke". Otherwise, his party is hoping for Duterte to run for Vice President in the next elections, which is...yeeccchhh

2021 is not yet proving to be that much better of a year, even with COVID-19 vaccines starting to make the rounds, even if more in other countries than ours.