02975: Work Geekery

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 361

Today's weird work achievement was finally writing a rather lengthy blog post that had been requested of me some time ago. We talk a lot about how I should write for the company blog more and I totally agree with the notion. But the busy nature of our day-to-day obligations often get in the way of things and so it's hard to find the time to do so,

It's tricky to write for the company website, especially when you carry around a title that is a little weighed down by the word "chief" in it. Sure, I could just be super light and casual and write something quick and easy and call it a day. But there's a reason my sister's preferred title for me is "Head Geek" as it better captures my role at the company. 

So the post that I was super happy about ended up being over a thousand words long, which puts it right up there with some school term papers or something. But to be fair, it's a pretty comprehensive piece on the subject with a lot of links as references and with some solid strategies at the end. It's definitely the sort of "thought leadership" piece that should get some decent SEO mileage in the long term, but more importantly, it feels like something I can totally be happy to put my name on.

I'm just waiting for it to be scheduled for posting and once it's live, I'll post at least part of it as a LinkedIn Article. It's not my first to push out content on that snoozy social network - but they've mostly been G Suite-related guides that were posted not to represent the company but just because I'm a Google geek. So I'm pretty excited about this one even if very few people will bother to read something this lengthy. The topic is pretty important and I did a lot of research before crafting it, and I hope that it provides some value to at least some fellow digital marketers out there. 

And then I'll need to figure out how to (1) do this on a more regular basis, (2) keep my word count down and (3) figure out what the heck I'm going to write about next.