02973: A Monday

Keto Pandesal

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 359

There was an incident today that left a lot of us concerned, scared, worried, and even fearful - hard to pick just one feeling as I'm sure we went through the whole gamut of them. The immediate challenge has been surmounted, but we're not exactly out of the woods either. It's not quite our struggle when you get down to technicalities. But of course, as a friend, you want to be able to help out however you can, if that's even possible. 

But you can't always help out. Some things will remain outside your control or many times not even any of your business. The desire to help doesn't always translate into the opportunity to help or for that help to even be well-received if at all. And that tempers your reactions and responses to such moments of personal difficulty. We want to help but we also need to care for ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty glass and you're supposed to put on your own mask before helping out children with theirs. 

Do we need more metaphors here?

It has been a rough start to the week on different levels. But that just means we have a greater potential to make tomorrow turn out even better. We face each new day with hope empowered by the fires of passion and motivation - whatever that may be. We keep moving forward. Even if we only take one step forward, that's a victory. Even if we don't move from where we are, it's a victory. If we fall back step or two, at least it wasn't more. You can always keep moving forward at your own pace.

There is a lot that is not going great in the world today, that is true. But there will always be things to be thankful for - things that we can truly appreciate in order to use them as anchors and toeholds as we figure out our next steps. We work with what we have because that's just the way reality works. But it doesn't mean that we can't achieve great things with the little that we have.

At least that's what I keep telling myself.