0296F: Grocery Stuff

Beef Tenderloin and Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 355

My blog posts this week may feel a little random since things have been quite busy at work and I end up not knowing what to write about come the end of the day. And so I resort to hyper-focusing on one aspect of my day in order to have something to talk about other than work. Classic strategy for maintaining a daily blog.

Thursdays are grocery days and we managed to squeeze the time in despite everything else going on. In recent weeks the grocery hasn't been too busy when we shop around this time, but the offerings aren't quite the best either, especially in the fresh produce department. But it's a quiet enough time to shop and we make the most of what we can find. 

Every now and then we run into odd shortages. End-of-day shopping means most of the chickens tend to be sold off. Butterfly-cut pork chops have been oddly difficult to find on and off, but I guess that's related to the swine flu issue. Recently we've been unable to find the nice Queensland butter that comes in those red tins and I wonder why they've disappeared from shelves. When you shop for groceries on a weekly basis, you notice these things.

But can't get around SM Supermarket being our most reliable supermarket option all throughout the pandemic. Pre-quarantine we had become content with the different online grocery delivery services to augment any shopping with incidental pick-ups at places like Marketplace (then by Rustans) and Robinsons Selections near the office. Funny how things have shifted. 

We also picked up a new microwave, of all things. Our old one was starting to make some very scary mechanical noises, and thus it felt prudent to get a replacement and stop using the older unit. But since we mainly use the microwave to reheat food more than anything else, it felt prudent not to get anything overly expensive. So I settled on a smaller 20L 700W unit with manual dials that should be sufficient to suit our needs. We can always reheat stuff on the stovetop, I know, but there's an odd comfort (and convenience) that comes with having a microwave.

And that was our Thursday night.