0296D: My Imaginary Reading Queue

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 353

When I first got a Kindle, I told myself that I would limit my titles to (1) royalty-free classics, (2) books on sale, and (3) books that I'm right about to read. I haven't been doing too well in that department, it seems. The mix of multiple Kindle sales, comiXology sales, and even digital gifts has left me with a ridiculous collection of digital titles.

I'm trying to look up the numbers now, but it appears that I have 1,181 Kindle ebooks, 252 Audible audiobooks, and 8,589 comic book titles, which is a mix of individual issues and trade paperback compilations. I can only guess at my physical collection since I can't quite delineate between content types using Goodreads as my inventory, but I probably have a good 2,000 physical books around the Sietch. That's a LOT of books, I know. And this doesn't even factor in the duplicate titles I've purchased in multiple formats - I have developed a nasty habit of purchasing digital copies of physical books I own as a sort of back-up copy or because I don't want to bother lugging the hardbound edition around.

To be fair, my Goodreads shelf indicates that I have 4284 titles, of which I've read 3,124, which is about 73% of the logged collection. That's not too shabby, although this number does not reflect my total digital comic book purchases since I only shelve those once I actually read them. As a conceit to avoid padding my reading numbers, I only log trade paperback volumes instead of individual issues, which means my 8.5k inventory of comics could be assumed to be roughly 1,700+ trade paperback volumes or something. 

It's kind of funny that the full extent of my book collecting is now hidden from public scrutiny since most of my books are digital these days. And that's the shelf that never runs out of space and the collection that is able to travel around the world with me versus the many physical books that have to wait patiently for me to find time to read them.

If I'm only tackling about 365 titles a year, clearly my rate of collecting far outpaces my reading. This is a common problem for many bibliophiles like myself, but it's still a little overwhelming to consider. Have I already acquired far more content than I can read within my lifetime? Or will my reading rate continue to get better in order to better keep pace with things and just drive me nerdily mad?

It's certainly a good problem to have.