0294F: Sunday Balancing

Keto Pandesal

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 323

Sunday has been pretty light. Instead of more strenuous exercise, I stepped out for a work-related errand and then wrapped things up with a good yoga flow. I cataloged a few more restaurants that had closed because of the extended quarantine and other restaurants that had ridiculous clusters of people queued outside because...whatever. 

I go back to my quarantine mantra of how everyone has a different level of risk that they're comfortable with and I can't impose my personal sense of risk on others. I'm sure there are things that we do that others would consider to be too risky, so it all evens out somehow. But yeah, this extended quarantine remains pretty stressful. 

Case in point - we actually got massages today. We've periodically hired one of our longtime home service therapists every now and then with the added precautions of making him shower before the session and all of us wearing masks the whole time. And believe me, it is not comfy to wear a face mask for the duration of a massage, but it's an acceptable trade-off if it means I get some relief for my workout-related muscle fatigue. 

At least the rise in COVID-19 cases in Barangay Fort Bonifacio seems to have slowed back to single-digit numbers. That was still a full week of significant new cases. There was no big explanation from the local government as to what happened but I assume the "spike" was more the backlog from the holidays finally getting cleared. Actual active cases in the barangay is also down to single digits, so that reflects rapidly documenting new cases then resolving them as cleared - something that we know happens automatically after 2 weeks from a person developing symptoms at the very least. 

And while infection numbers at the local level seem to be back under control, our national numbers remain disappointingly steady. Our average numbers for January have been consistently higher than our December numbers and I don't see a similar drop as what I see in our local numbers. So this may be more than just us dealing with holiday case backlog. Fingers and toes crossed for now. I know it'll take a while before things can get better, but at the very least I don't want them to get worse.

I'm wrapping things up here because I want to play a few tabletop games with Tobie before bed. Our Ryuutama RPG session got canceled earlier, so the weekend isn't quite up-to-par in the gaming department. And it's a good thing we happen to own over 600 games to help make up the difference, I suppose. 

Have a good night, folks.