0294E: Saturday Possibilities

New York Zoo Game

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 322

We stayed up late last night playing board games with anak Nico after work. It was nice to hang out again after so long - the last time he had been able to visit was Halloween, I think. And we not only exposed him to more games but we also fully introduced him to the amazing world of the Wandavision TV series, which is pretty awesome. And having him watch the first four episodes all at once was a great way to get into the show given how the latest episode provides a lot of great context for the earlier episodes while still leaving even more questions in need of answers. 

Today has been a bit more chill, literally. The weather has been particularly nippy this week and the colder edge to the breeze made it a lot nicer to just stay in bed today. That meant a later start to the day for us, but not too late as to get in the way of our afternoon online Pendragon RPG session. We covered some pretty interesting story moments today and I'm happy with how things had gone forward.

That leaves the rest of our Saturday night pretty open and Tobie and I are still figuring out how to spend the rest of the evening. We could totally play board games together or we could play computer games on our own or any number of other things. Always a lot of games to consider exploring, but it's also nice to read more or catch up with computer games. But I really should invest more time in enjoying things together with Tobie apart from the many TV shows and movies that eat up most of our idle time together. 

For now, we're catching up with this week's Drag Race episodes before venturing into actual activities for the night. UK is up first but maybe we'll play something right after and save the main US Drag Race for tomorrow or something. Reality TV priorities or whatever, hehe.

Or maybe we'll just lie down and enjoy the cooler weather, even if I will want to sprawl out and feel the cold more and Tobie will probably cocoon himself in a blanket and not want to come out. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!