0294D: This Week's Physical Activity

Two Bowls of Veggie Sausage Stir-Fry

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 321

I've reached a point where I work out 6-7 times a week. Not all of those workouts are high-intensity ones and I now fall back to yoga flows on days when I'm not feeling super up to the intense stuff. My weight has been a little all over the place since after the holidays and that has just given me more incentive to push harder.

Typically I do 2-3 days more intense circuit training workouts within the Nike Training Club app, which I alternate with yoga flows from the app as well. Sometimes I jog before going through a restorative yoga flow, but my recent efforts to try to push my weight back more has gotten me taking a break from the more relaxing restorative flows and focusing on the higher endurance ones built for strength and such. 

This week I decided to really push hard and after a strength yoga flow on Monday, I've been hitting different circuit training workouts every day since then. I haven't taken a yoga break since then and it has been quite the struggle, but I do feel like I'm making good progress.

I could really use a massage though. I'm achy all over.

Will definitely take things slower tomorrow and maybe consider some yoga. And then I'll up the intensity come Sunday and make a big push with one of the 45-minute workouts. Or things can go the other way and I rest both days - we'll see.

Happy weekend, everyone!