0294A: Just Tuesday Things

Duck and Cheese

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 318

Minor Annoyance: I haven't had the time to work on my study of The Dracula Dossier for our Night's Black Agents game. I know, I know, our next game session won't be until late February, but there's still a LOT of material that I need to get through and then cross-reference once I've got everything more or less transcribed and annotated. The case won't solve itself!

But I did have to balance my free time with important reading time in order to keep pace with my annual reading goal. I'm still ahead of the curve but my lead narrows when I'm not paying attention. And my current Star Trek book is a bit more of a crawl than the others, which means more time spent on the same book and my overall book count not moving. 

The week has started out pretty busy for both and Tobie and we haven't had much idle time during the workweek thus far. We barely even get to have idle entertainment streaming on TV since one of us is bound to be on a conference call for this or that reason. There are internal huddles that we end up taking simultaneously, resulting in some funny mixed conversations, but it is what it is. 

And we're only come up to the middle of the week! Wowzers. I'm used to the start of any month being quite busy, but I hope this won't be something that spans the entire first month of 2021. What a pace to start the year with.