0293F: Adventures in Chronopolis

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 307

After some experiments with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and LEGO Dimensions on the PS3, my more convenient happy distraction as of late has been LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Steam for the PC. I'll go back to the PS3 ones over the weekend, maybe. But admittedly games on my laptop on easier to jump into on a more casual basis.

I was a big fan of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes when it first came out, mainly because of the sheer number of characters in the game. This sequel seems to be even crazier and I'm loving how it has tied together many different incarnations of different characters. It helps when you make Kang the primary villain - then you get to bring in time travel and dimension-hopping all at once. 

Contriving a new realm in the form of Chronopolis was a great move since it made for an easy excuse to link so many Marvel locations into a single cityscape that can be decently navigated on foot. I'm still in the process of exploring all the locations they've tied together including at least 3 different instances of Manhattan (because of course they did) and what is clearly a mid-Ragnarok style Asgard.  It's amazing.

As much as I appreciate different DC Comics characters, Marvel is always going to be my first love. And this game is quite the love letter to the franchise including its diverse history. So naturally I've already purchased all the DLC for the game to show my support and to make sure I don't miss out on any of the characters haha

While I did finish the first LEGO Marvel game, I never quite completed things to 100% in order to cover all the characters. Hopefully, I'll do better with this one, although it's always difficult to win all the vehicle races they tend to include as mini-games for achievements.