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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 305

Two subjects of interest that are sort of related in my head but may not be when viewed objectively.

First, I keep thinking about my Anytime Fitness membership. I've already paid my dues for January and they will continue to charge my credit card for future months as normal. All the more this stresses that I should probably consider making use of the gym again since I'm already paying for it. It's not going to be safer than working out here at the Sietch since one can't exactly control all aspects of a public space like that. And given most of my workouts are bodyweight-related or things that would use the functional fitness area, it's also not like I need to use the gym's facilities these days. 

I've been going back and forth on this item in my head since (1) it is a waste of money to not use it and (2) maybe not too many people will be at the gym if I time things right? But ironically enough, my current Nike Training Club plan cycle is the Bodyweight Only plan that totally doesn't require equipment. With news of the new UK COVID-19 strain already in the country along with reports of a potential new strain in Japan/Brazil, maybe I'll wait things out a bit more and see how things go first.

Then the other big news item as of late involves all the different vaccines that are being secured for the country. It's too early to tell what's going to happen and which vaccine is going to actually be utilized in the different cities and LGUs but there is the implication that the vaccines that have more severe temperature requirements can only really be supported by major metropolitan areas like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, so that does imply we're more likely to get those vaccines instead of others. 

Not sure how to feel about all this and it's easier to continually shunt this point of consideration or when we start to see LGU-specific plans for vaccine rollout efforts, I guess. Between the confusing discussions of the different vaccines that the DOH is securing coupled with the different LGUs announcing their own supposed deals with specific drug manufacturers and who knows what actual vaccines will get distributed, right?

There is that wariness not to rush to get vaccinated during the first wave and it becomes some weird solace that Tobie and I as average citizens are much further down the totem pole of vaccination priority. This sort of an aggressive rollout will not be without its complications even for first world countries, so one can only speculate how crazy things are going to be like here in the Philippines.

I didn't really want to write about this just yet, but the surprise press briefing by the President today sort of got me thinking again and I needed a way to shunt those thoughts out of my head. Thus today's blog.