0293B: Heavy Monday

Two Bowls of Cabbage Stir Fry

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 303

As expected, I was heavier today and weighed in at 75kg again. It was expected but still annoying, but I know I should be able to work off the extra weight soon enough. A lot of it comes from the carb-heavy stuff I had over the weekend, but the dietary fiber content should come into play and I'll have more appointments in the bathroom to help purge myself. Delightful.

Sunday was the end of another 6-week Lean Fit workout plan in my Nike Training app, and I've cycled to the Bodyweight Only plan again, which will span the next 4 weeks. This has been my cycle over and over throughout this entire quarantine, but we just keep going steadily along. 

All workout plans have their own benchmark exercises to help gauge progress, but the Bodyweight Benchmark is particularly evil. It's just three exercises done over and over again in sets of decreasing numbers, but it's a killer combination. It's 20/15/10/5 sets of push-ups, burpees, and squat jumps, and it still amazes me that I get through it at all. Before the workout, I feel like I could probably jog after the benchmark since it's only meant to last about 5 minutes. After the workout, I can't imagine doing any sort of strenuous physical activity anymore because I feel like my lungs are on fire. And I STILL can't hit the 5-minute mark!

All this work just to live longer. Life is oddly complicated in this manner.