0293A: Happily Drifting

Forbidden Desert

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 302

It has been a pretty good weekend. We got some board game time in and we took a break from Baduy Pride episodes just to focus on ourselves. It has made for a quieter weekend but sometimes that's exactly what one needs to recharge before another work week. 

We're low on grocery supplies since last week was too busy for a proper grocery run. Given that, we've ordered a lot of takeout this weekend and I supplemented things with one of my last few packs of low carb wraps. Add in the fact that I didn't even workout this morning and I know that'll mean that I'm going to be pretty heavy tomorrow. I didn't break keto, but I'm sure I'm over my macros or whatever. Hopefully, all the extra fiber will help balance things out. I'll get back to healthier living tomorrow. And I'll try to fast a little longer to make up for some of the more indulgent eating today. 

The most productive thing we had for our weekend agenda was today's Pendragon RPG session via Google Meet. We had a lot of challenges getting the whole group together last December, so it was super nice to have everyone in today for our first game session for the year. A fair amount of time was dedicated to in-game end-of-game accounting given how eventful things had been for our characters and there was a lot of leveling up. But more than that, it was nice to have our complete set of characters together again. 

But yeah, still a good weekend. I'm hoping to squeeze in some Lego video game time before bed while still making sure that we don't sleep too late. Need to be fully rested for tomorrow since I'll be working out again and then working and all that fun stuff.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well, folks.