02938: Missing Bricks, Even Virtual Ones

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 300

Tonight's Lego-related Baduy Pride episode has me feeling super nostalgic for the building sets. And since I'm still convinced that I can't afford to buy full sets nor do we have the space to store them, at the very least I could dig up all the different games we have and play through those adventures again. I do want to complete all the different games, unlock everything that can be unlocked and all that craziness.

So this means that I'll either revive our PS3 and play the games again or install the Steam versions of the different LEGO games and play them on my laptop. But the console effort is really the more important one to focus on since it's the only way that I'll get to build my Lego Dimensions sets properly as the instructions are officially found in the game. 

So much geekery, so little time.