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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 296

First working day of the year and it was busy as expected. Most of what preoccupied my time involved all the monthly reports and related deliverables with the unique combination of End of Month reports joining End of Year stuff. Plus all the other admin stuff that comes with a new year including following up on the candidates in the recruitment funnel and other numbers.

Still so much to do and never quite enough time for everything. But that's why it's work.

We're only a few days into the new year and I feel like I'm already overthinking my reading goals. I've gone from the more relaxed reading pace of Q4 last year to going back to the more frenetic reading pace where the numbers matter. I'm still trying to make sure I enjoy what I read because reading is always going to be a fun little escape for me. But at the same time, covering 365 titles in a hear doesn't happen without some focus and effort. 

It will help to some degree that I keep gobbling up Kindle books on the cheap whenever I see them on sale. There seems to be no end to the number of Star Trek books out there that can potentially go on sale and I am poised to grab them whenever they go for less than a dollar. I doubt I'll ever get to read all of these books anytime soon, but that's the nature of reading. You buy three books to replace the one you just finished. 

On a related note, 2020 was the year I shifted away from writing book reviews on my Geeky Guide blog and focused on posting them on Goodreads instead. Not sure if they get more mileage that way, but at least I still get to scratch the reviewing itch without giving myself the stress of keeping up with my Geeky Guide writing queue AND my reading queue AND my TV shows and movies queue.