02933: 2021 Gaming Kickoff

Suikoden I Combat

Metro Manila community Quarantine - Day 295

The limited holiday break is drawing to a close tonight and I'm glad that we already kicked off this year's gaming with a fun Ryuutama session. This celebration of JRPG tropes is really one of the highlights of our current gaming roster since it's such a feel-good game and it becomes a fun excuse for being really campy at times.

Case in point, my character is a healer and I try to play her as being all hopeful and optimistic in all situations and very proud of her healing abilities. And any time she gets a chance to talk about being a good healer, I always have her posing with a big thumbs-up, regardless of the situation. I try to keep the campiness light so that my character doesn't become a caricature and so that she also doesn't become a distraction from the bigger story in play. And thus far it still feels right while still staying fun.

Last night was pretty chill and I finally got to try out The Outer Worlds, which is not my gaming option for when Tobie is investing time in Death Stranding. I'm still a little stressed out by the fact that the game is a first-person shooter, but it's still quite a fun experience and I'm loving the story thus far along with the witty writing that drives the characters. I don't know if I'll always have time to play it as we all go back to full-time work schedules and more regular game nights (albeit online ones). But we'll see how things go.