02930: Family Festivities

Tori-Ichi Birthday Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 292

December is always a busy time because of the holidays but also because a lot of family birthdays also fall around the same time. Thus December isn't just about Christmas and New Year for us but also the birthdays of my parents and my brother.

This week has had me and Tobie spending a lot of time with our families in order to join the different celebrations. This week alone we've already had two birthday dinners and tonight we're at Tobie's family home to join his mom for New Year's Eve. Fun times.

It's a gift that we are still able to be with our loved ones despite the crazy reality of a COVID-19 world. Not everyone has been able to go visit their loved ones, especially those that live in other cities or provinces, and thus not necessarily worth the risks of even just domestic travel. What more those who are living outside the country or are otherwise separated from family and friends by international borders.

Tonight is shaping up to be a rather quiet one, and I'm not necessarily complaining. As much as I wish we could be preparing to go to O Bar after the fireworks, as is our usual routine, I remain grateful for the good things that have happened this year, the bonds of friendship we have strengthened through various video calls, and of course Baduy Pride and all the other good things that happened but may not get as much notice with the noise of a global pandemic constantly distracting us. 

Happy New Year, everyone! Much love. Big hugs.