0292F: Star Trek Safety

Star Trek Generations: Picard and Kirk

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 291

This morning I found myself re-watching Star Trek Generations on Prime Video and I was reminded that I actually liked this movie despite the mixed reception it got from critics and fans. More than anything, it was a good hand-off movie between the TOS and TNG crews and they really had fun with the production. I wish the other Trek shows like DS9 and Voyager got a chance to have fun on the big screen as well. 

More than any franchise, Star Trek has definitely been one of my anchors in life. When things go bad, I know that Star Trek can help me feel better. And throughout this quarantine period, I've found myself going back to Trek more and more to be reminded that humanity has the power to get past any challenge by working together and seeing the best in others. And let's face it - the Federation has dealt with more pandemics and other medical emergencies than any other star-spanning organization, so why not focus one's thoughts on Starfleet in these troubling times?

My Star Trek nostalgia has expanded to included not just re-watching the old shows and movies but also but to also finally read the different Star Trek novels I've purchased on sale here and there. And man, I have a LOT of books in my Kindle since every now and then 3-5 titles go on sale all at the same time for unknown reasons. And yet there are still so many other books out there that aren't part of my collection just yet. 

I thought the urge to back to trek would die down a bit after we finished both DS9 and Enterprise, but with Discovery still ongoing I guess my need for more Trek continues to burn brightly. Ironic that just as we're getting new stuff given that show and the Lower Decks, all the more I find myself seeking solace in Roddenberry's rather Utopian view of the future.